8417 – Black Map with Horseneck at Goldfield in Sacramento, CA

Black Map hit Sacramento in between their tour with Chevelle with a rare all ages show!


Maxwell with Common and Ledisi at Golden1 Center in Sacramento, CA 62217

Maxwell hit Golden1 for the first time this past Thursday almost exactly a year to the date he first played Sacramento June 20, 2016 for his Summers16 tour. This show is still promoting his blackSUMMERSnight album released July 1, 2016.

As I was heading out to the Golden 1 Center I was thinking if I would see any differences from last years show to tonights performance.  Last years performance seemed to be a bit loose, like they could have used more rehearsal time as far as the flow of the show is concerned.  The show then was still awesome, there was just a lot of eye contact and communication between stops and breaks during songs that took my attention from the music at times.

A lot of artists in the past have passed up our town, but now we have more than a few venues that can hold an artist of this level when a tour comes to Sacramento, CA

Ledisi at Golden1 Center in Sacramento 62217

Ledisi got the night started. She came out smiling and thanked “all three of us!” for coming out and seeing her!  Parking can be rough downtown, and Golden1 was mostly a scattering of people in the seats. Ledisi has a voice! A smooth bluesy jazz vibe that was quite refreshing to hear. I wish I could have seen her whole set because shes is a light.  When I got home from the show I went online to hear more of her music.  What I heard felt like motivational speaking through song.  When the radio is on and I am in between CDs, I do not hear any music like hers.  Im listening to the wrong stations.  She has an album coming out late this year.  Below are some more images from her set.

Ledisi setting things off 62217 at Golden1 Center in Sacramento, CA on the Summers Tour with Maxwell and Common.

Ledisi at Golden1 Center in Sacramento, CA 62217

Grammy winning artist and actor Common from Chicago came out with the energy and frustrated me.  He was moving e v e r y w h e r e !  I took a lot of shots but he didn’t stay in one spot long before running off to another side.  I think the first song he came out to was the People, then the Corner, one of my favorite songs by him.  I forgot he had so many ill songs!

During the third song some of the artists in his band had some solo time and one member of the band was playing a flute.  If you are heavy into your current hip hop today you may notice a bit more flute in your trap.  Elena Ayodele, a very well accomplished musician at the age of 22, was on stage.  Elena was a U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts, and has been a member of the Grammy Band and Choir.  She is also the woman behind the flute on Futures song Mask Off.

Elena Ayodele soloing during Commons set on the Summers17 Tour with Maxwell and Ledisi

As our three song photo limit was reached we had to leave the front of the stage.  Common was asking for a lady to come on stage.  He asked for a lady in yellow to come up.  It was BRANDY!  So crazy.  I got a selfie with her, just aint never post it…

Brandy enjoying the show 62217 at Golden1Center

Common at Golden1 Center 62217 in Sacramento, CA on Maxwells Summers17 Tour

Common at Golden1 Center 62217 in Sacramento, CA on Maxwells Summers17 Tour

Maxwell did the damn thing this evening.  Things were not too different from his first show in Sac but tonight had a better flow for sure.  He later thanked the people for the 20 years of support from him hair days to the long gap of silence.  Funny thing is the 90s babies he asked to shout out were louder than the 50-60s, 70-80s crowd that were there!

62217 Maxwell Setlist

Maxwell at Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, CA on the Summers17 Tour 62217

Maxwell at Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, CA on the Summers17 Tour 62217

Maxwell at Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, CA on the Summers17 Tour 62217

33017 at Family Community Church in North Highlands, CA: Lecrae

Hot 1035 presents Grammy Award winning artist Lecrae!  The stage was lit!  Havent seen such lighting at church before.  They had it all up there!  I took a couple of my nephews to their first concert.  I got their a bit late and got this one shot of BrvndonP, soaking it up before Lecrae went on.