Dimmu Borgir

Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, CA. Cryptopsy played on this tour as well, but didnt get any photos. I believe this was on the Puritanic Tour. Nick Barker was the drummer for that album, and the tour, and it was awesome to finally see him play. I was right up in front of the stage. If I put my hand on the stage it could have been stepped on. Dimmu Borgir isnt the most active band on stage, but they really don’t need to be. I’m just not into the older, longer, and seemingly slower songs they tend to play live. Its their history, so they have to, but I got on the wagon when Puritanic came out. The sound quality is just sick. It bumps in the ride, and has a clarity that a lot of my cd’s do not have.

This show was my first time seeing Cryptopsy. Flo killed it. I think they were touring for the …And Then You Will Beg album.


Here are some photos of Glassjaw. One from a Warped Tour date in San Francisco, CA. I think it was during the Worship and Tribute album. That day was so hot. My shaved head got sunburn, and flaked for a full week. Back in the days, I didnt wanna just fill my roll of film with the same band, so I tried to save some by just taking 4-5 shots on a roll of 36. I should have used the whole roll on them.