Puya Interview


I saw Puya, I beleive it was the 13th of February @ Big Shots in Roseville, CA, outside of Sacramento, CA. I had only heard of them 2 week prior to seeing them. I just heard metal/salsa combined. I did not know what to think. How can it be done? I look in the paper and see Puya is playing that weekend. I’m there….Ok, skip all the other stuff. I am blown away buy this band. Hmm…..Maybe kinda like hardcore Santana, maybe? The Latin influence is there, but the metal, and hardcore is right there with it all. I advise you to go see them, if and when, and everytime they are in your area. Here is a quick interview I did with Sergio, the lead singer of Puya, in their tour van after their set that night………

AMP: Sergio, have you ever been to Sacramento, CA?

Sergio: West Sac, we played in West Sac, and um, I can’t remember where the hell it was….

AMP: Where are you guys from?

Sergio: We are from Puerto Rico. Most of the guys are from the Metro area, and I am from the West Coast of Puerto Rico.

AMP: ….and how long have you been together, as a band?

Sergio: As Puya, we have been together for about 6 years….

AMP: Have you played in any bands before then?

Sergio: Yeah, I have played in a couple different bands, but just some local bands, and some cover bands, nothing significant.

AMP: How have the shows been going, ya know, you have been some of the Seupultura tour…….?

Sergio: The shows we have done with Seupultura and Fear Factory have all done really well, ya know, the response has been great, the kids go nuts when we play, ya know, its always been a positive feedback.

AMP: Is there a scene, is there a bigger scene for you guys back home in Puerto Rico?

Sergio: Um….There is not a big scene in Puerto Rico, I mean it’s there, I’d be lying to you if I told you there was, it’s not, its a very small real underground scene. Theres a few good, really good bands. I mean just like everywhere theres a lot of bands, but theres very little, very little good bands…so…

AMP: Who are your influences? I would guess with your Latin influences, and your rock, metal, etc……

Sergio: It varies man…..Personal influences you know, it’s kinda like, everything from like Latin old, like old Salsa, like Hector LaVoe, (Ok, I cannot spell the names he is listing, I will try, if anyone reads this, and knows the spelling of these artists, please email me, and I will correct them…) Rueben Blades, Willie Colongne, Garangcumbo, to like, go right into hip hop, like old school hip hop hardcore like, Public Enemy, Eric B. & Rakim, ya know, like KRS-ONE, and all the way into hardcore shit like old Metallica, Sepultura, Meshuggah, other old shit like Slayer.

AMP: So what other bands, other than Sepultura, other bands that you have played with, earlier on?

Sergio: Actually we opened for Slayer in Puerto Rico, which was really cool. We played a show at the Edge in Florida with Fishbone also, they played inside, and we played on the outside stage, so that was cool, and we have played with Suicidal Tendancies, we have played with S.O.D., their reunion tour we just did that, when they first started up again, and Fear Factory.

AMP: Since your vocals are in Spanish, not all, but (the majority of them are), what is the subject matter of most of your songs?

Sergio: A lot of the subject matter in the songs are, kinda a search, search for the truth, search for your own truth. Dont let people force feed you shit, that you can go find yourself. Go beyond what is right there in front of you. Ya know, some of the stuff is like day to day situations that happen, ya know situations we have found ourselves in, like, dealing with people who want to take control of what is your soul, and body of work. Other stuff is like homage to home, how to like, our first single “Oasis,” and its kind of a tune that reflects on how we sometimes serach for that something all over the world, and when you come to look at it, it’s always been right there, right where you are from, ya know, always been right next to you.

AMP: Well, got one last question, and I’m trying to think of what it was because I forgot. I guess, what is in the works for you right now?

Sergio: Right now we are gonna try to stay on the road as long as possible, we are going to try and hook up with some tours, hopefully be able to do some Summer tours, like maybe the Ozzfest, or the Warped tour, try to get on that, and try to get some exposure, get as much exposure to the people as we can.

AMP: How do you think you guys played tonight?

Sergio: I think we played cool, I think we were tight. I think the crowd took a little while to warm up, but ya know, they got started, I dont think they were expecting anything like us today.

AMP: No, no way, not at all. Well, thank you for letting me interview you.

Sergio: Anytime jAy

Interviewer: jAy Ingram

Interviewed: Sergio Curbelo

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