Incubus Interview 98-99-ish.

This interview was around 99, or late 98. I am not too sure. This was behind the Colonial Theater, in Oak Park. Anyone from Sac should know about Oak Park. This venue back then was having some sick shows. The last one I saw there was The Red Chord, like two years ago, and before that was Killswitch Engage. Soulfly has played there, Neurosis, Papa Roach, Ghostface Killah a month ago, really, a lot of bands. The next album they recorded was Make Yourself. Around this time, Papa Roach was getting a lot of attention from labels, and went to LA for some meetings, and to check out NRG where they recorded their demo. I was out with them, and in the studio was Incubus recording that album. I believe Jurassic 5 was in the other studio there as well. Well here ya go.

AMP: Alright, new album, soon, do you have a date when you are going into the studio?

Jose: Umm, mid-April

AMP: How many songs do you have finished now?

Jose: Completely, well none completely finished, but we have done a little bit of recording, like some demos, we did five songs with vocals, and then there is one we haven’t done vocals for yet, and then we got a few more that are pretty much worked out, as far as the music goes. We really have not worked the vocals into them yet. We still got about two and a half weeks to write, so we got some time.

AMP: You guys toured with Black Sabbath a bit, how did the crowd like you?

Jose: I was scared, at first, I thought we were gonna get a lot of things thrown at us, but we had snipers on stage. (he’s kidding), but it was cool. It wasn’t really, our crowd, but we don’t, discriminate (hehe). We were received pretty well, all of us were kind of worried about that, but we really didn’t have single show where we had a bad response. It was awesome to watch Black Sabbath every night, that was amazing.

AMP: Ok, well Mike, last time you guys were here, you played a Sitar (an electric guitar, sounds kind of Middle Eastern), will we be hearing more of that on the next album?

Mike and Jose: YES

AMP: In S.C.I.E.N.C.E we heard tons of different styles on that whole album, in which I heard that you got the electronic, Mr. Bungle type of stuff when you were on tour with KoRn and the Urge over in Europe? Is there any other style that will definitely have an influence on this next album?

Mike: Well most of the stuff that we have been working on, is not as all over the place like S.C.I.E.N.C.E. was, like Jose said, it’s been 2 and a half years since we wrote that album. Two and a half years is a long time to evolve, so I think a lot of the newer stuff just sounds a lot more focused, it is much better arranged, and parts are better put together. There is going to be a lot of ambiance on this record, like maybe not so much going on all the time, a little more room to breathe, we are going to definitely have really really cool DJ parts, and those type of things. It’s a definite leap from S.C.I.E.N.C.E. It will be obvious.

AMP: Umm, what do you think of Jordan Knight and Joey McEntyre’s musical comebacks?

Mike and Jose: Hello?

AMP: The New Kids!!!

Jose: I think it’s insane!

Mike: Yeah, its been a huge influence on us, and we tend to rip them off thouroughly.

Jose: We would like to tour with them soon.

AMP: SO what have you been listening in your free time?

Mike: A lot of stuff Bjork, as always.

Jose: I have been listening to a lot of, I got some new Radiohead CD’s, yeah I’ve just discovered them myself, I think they are insane, um, still some drum & bass stuff, I just got this new CD “FOR a HERO,” it’s kinda like live drum & bass, it has a whole lot of other players that play on the track, like strings and horns, and flutes, it’s just insane.

AMP: Anything new happen to you guys, as a band, personal, anything?

Jose: Just the opportunity to write new songs, you know, which is pretty rare. We have been playing those same songs for 2 and a half year now, and it’s like really refreshing to be off the road and be able to just concentrate on writing music. When we started rehersing for these shows playing our old song I realized that I was sick of it.

AMP: Thats a real important revelation.

Mike: Yeah, we love our old stuff, but it is time to move on.

AMP: Last question, you guys ever done any covers?

Jose: We have not yet, we might in the future.

Mike: We have done fragments, but have never made it through a whole song.

Jose: I don’t know, it’s a tricky thing. We don’t want to build our integrity off of someone else’s music, but, you never know.

AMP: Alright, thank you very much.

Jose: Welcome!

Dredg Interview 99

This is a Dredg interview from 1999, from Bo Jangles in Sacramento, CA, a club that doesnt exist anymore.

AMP- So how much longer until is up?

Dredg- We just talked to the guy yesterday, we paid him the money..well we paid him half….We’ll see it soon, hopefully in the next 2 weeks…From there it will be updated a lot because we are going to put it up and see how it goes… We have not been able to see it altogether…..

Dredg FACT- Out of the 4 of them, two go to University of Santa Clara, one attends an art school, and another attends San Diego State.

AMP- How did this album come about?

Dredg- A lot of Acid (Kidding)……..

AMP- {After leading me on to a couple of other off-the-wall explanations on how the album came about(one being Willy Wonka), they eventually tell me, that a couple of them had recently spent time traveling around the world and a lot of this album deals with most of their personal experiences while traveling.}

Dredg- …..We wanted to do a story to it, to put a little extra, whatever in there, so we just started talking about what we wanted everything to be about.

AMP- Are the words in the booklet, the lyrics?

Dredg- Yeah, you got to find them, they are kind of hidden in there. If you know the whole story, and you know the whole album, you’ll know all the lyrics.

AMP- You guys don’t have a normal or typical sound. I tried describing your sound to my friend at work, and I could not do it. What are the major influences in your music?

Dredg- Probably like, landscapes, and stuff like that.

AMP- A lot of your songs are instrumental, so I guess in a way you could sort of visualize scenery. How long did it take you to finish the album?

Dredg- It was all over a period of time. It was good because we could go in over a weekend and mix, and get a break, and then go in again and record some more. It was probably a full year until it came out.

AMP- What does HDCD do? (On Dredg’s album, they used the HDCD program to record)

Dredg- (Engineer Travis Crenshaw steps in and explains it)- It’s a clarity thing. There are 3-4 different formats you can use, and at this particular mastering studio, Rocket Lab, they offered either HDCD, or not HDCD. HDCD is a lot clearer, a lot more punchier sounding, it works better for rock bands in general. It has a heavier edge to it, it could only benefit the CD, and then you are required to put the label “HDCD” somewhere on your CD.

AMP- (I then go into how I noticed a bigger and in-depth sound on the album, thinking it was the HDCD…….The band then laughed at me, told me that it was not HDCD, but the studio, then we went to the next question. Explain some of the guests on the album, and what they contributed….

Dredg- Ooh, Shannon Harris of Spike 1000 (Track 5), Gus Farwell (Track 6), he does the opera…All of it was pretty much improv.

AMP- Were there any effects on his voice?

Dredg- No, it was just two mics, stereo mics, and that room. (A reverb room that the band liked at the studio.) Oh yeah, and Gianna the cell player…..beautiful Italian girl…..She also did some stuff on the album.

AMP- {The band then goes into explaining what they all went through to make Gianna feel comfortable in the studio, and how Gianna made them feel, while in the studio for 6 days……(smirk).} Where are you guys from?

Dredg- Los Gatos, CA

AMP- How long have you been Dredg?

Dredg- We have been developing for the last 5 years.

AMP- Are you the original members?

Dredg- Yeah.. The old shit, is like the old old shit, we probably have been playing as a band for about 8 years.

AMP- From your 3-song demo, to your album now, has the sound from the two changed, or is this your overall style from the beginning? I mean, from your 3-song demo and the album now has about the same vibe. So I mean before you guys did the first one, were you guys different?

Dredg- Yeah, we were always changing…It’s cool you said that. I always thought the 3-song was a lot different than the new one, but it hints to this one.

AMP- {About this time, a plane went over us, and whatever was said, really was not heard…} I have only seen you twice, at Big Shots, and tonight..What are some of the other bands you have enjoyed sharing the stage with?

Dredg- Far, definitely Far. Papa Roach, Spike 1000. Queens of the Stone Age…