Igor Cavalera of Sepultura Interview 1998

I dont even remember how this interview happen.  Did I call Roadrunner, or I just asked Igor when I saw him.  I talked to him after their sound check, sat-down before door opened and got it done.  This show was nuts.  Metal in El Dorado Hills, CA at CLUB X-TREME with Earth Crisis, Sepultura, and Vision of Disorder.  I’m not sure if there was another band.  I saw them again the next night at the Maritime Hall in San Francisco, CA as well.  That show was crazier.  Robb Flynn came out and did his part from an Earth Crisis song from the one Roadrunner album they put out before going back to Victory.  Mike Patton came out during Sepulturas set and did his part from one of the songs from the Roots album.  That night was fantastic.  The interview.


AP:  So, when was the last time you were in Sacramento, CA?

IC:  Actually, I was here not too long ago, maybe like one year ago, but I just passed through.  I was just driving around, and like stayed over night…….But playing, ya know is different….The last time I was here I was just driving around.

AP:  I think the last time you actually performed in Sacramento, CA might have been with Biohazard, and Pantera?

IC: Yeah.

AP: I was not even really into the music at that time, I knew the show was here cause I saw crowds of people, but I obviously did not even know what was going on at that time, but I know exactly what is going on now.

AP:  I would like to know what led you guys to Derrick Green?

IC: Well, we were trying out, ya know, a lot of different people, and actually someone at RoadRunner knew Derrick, knew him from his old bands, and just thought that would be great to have him try out with us, and once we tried out with him we were like, this is it ya know.  He was like just right on it…..

AP: You guys totally felt it?

IC: …..Yeah, like totally natural, and that is the main thing for us.  If it feels natural, it’s like the rest of it, it just pretty much just falls into place.

AP:  I heard Derrick plays guitar.  Do you have any idea, when he’s actually going pick one up and start playing while he is singing?

IC:  Well, he does a few in the set, he plays a few songs and sings.  It’s like little by little…. Like at first he got all the vocals down, and now he is starting to get like some percussive stuff, and now he is picking up the guitar and playing on a few songs, so, it is just the beginning of the tour, so it’s kind of, ya know, like once we start touring more and more, he is going get into the whole guitar playing and stuff.

AP: You guys recorded in Japan with the group KODA.  Where did that idea come from?

IC: Well I’ve known KODA for a long time.  It’s just a Japanese group that travels all over the world, like very percussive, and they are all drummers.  So it’s something that, for me I’ve always been a fan for a long time, and then just had the idea really to put together Sepultura and KODA, so we contacted them, and they were really open-minded to work together with us.

AP:  Is Brazilian percussion a lot different from Japanese Percussion, or the tribal aspect?

IC: (quite loud with a smile) It’s CRAZY!  Ya know like, it’s like totally different….The vibe of it, the feel, but at the same time, the connection is there, and it’s mainly the energy.  At the end when everyone is playing it feels just like a Brazilian band really.  So it’s like, it’s weird because the way they play is totally different, but the energy that comes out of their drums is very similar to Brazilian style.

AP:  That’s phat.  I have not heard the album yet.  I’ve heard the first song, and I was looking for that song, but just did not get a chance to hear it.  

AP:  (Personally, I thought that Max Cavalera sort of ran the group, from reading articles, and some past interviews. Igor points out that was not how it was.) Ok so, since you guys were like short of one guy for this, for a while during recording, was everyone involved in the lyrics and the music this time?

IC:  That’s the thing, we have always been…Pretty much, it was a misconception between us and all our management, and the media that made it seem that Max was doing everything in the band, and that was not the case with Sepultura. It’s always been about four people really thinking together and putting ideas together and at the end, becoming Sepultura.  It was no different when Max left, so we just continued like, exchanging ideas and putting that into our music.

AP: Alright, one last question.  I play drums also, and I saw one of your pictures and I saw some electronic setups, what sounds do you have coming from those?

IC:  Well, I collect a lot of drums from pretty much all over the world like when I travel and stuff, but some of those drums are very fragile, so I can’t bring them on tour.  So I sample some of those drums, and put them on the pads so I can play them live, without really……

AP:  …….You’ll be trucking a lot of instruments……

IC:  Yeah, because some of them are really, hard to find, they are hand-made and stuff, and would not want to like, take them on tour with me.

AP:  I was just wondering.  That makes a lot of sense.

IC:  Yeah yeah.  I mean, you lose a little, but you gain…You lose a little in the feel of it when you play the actual drum, but at the same time, it is better losing a little than losing the whole drum, or it gets lost or……

AP:  Do you lose that much compared like playing live, I mean if you are going to use that instrument you want the dynamics and the clarity of the actual instrument, but is it that big of a deal if you have it sampled?

IC:  Well actually for live situations, it works out better, especially for the type of music that we play.  Some of those instruments, to get them to cut through all that music, the mess, I would have to (beats the table) beat them, ya know.  So if I have them on the pad I can pretty much just work on their volume so they can cut through.

AP:  Well, that is all I have.  Thanks a lot.  You are one of my favorite drummers, so I’m like lucky just to have you sitting next to me.

IC:  Thanks man.

Jerry Horton Papa Roach Interview 2000

Mid March 2000, around the same time I interviewed Jacoby for Rant Magazine (Sacramento, CA), the day before I interviewed Jerry online since I could not drive to his house that day.  Here is how it went.


jAy: How are ya?

Jerry:  I’m good….it’s nice to have a day off

jAy:  I hear that. I got home at 5AM last night.  Here is a comment, and question straight from a fan. It was so awesome that the fans were able to partake in the making of the “Last Resort” video. That meant a lot to you truest fans. Was that a decision of the band, or was it Marcus, the director of the video, his choice?

Jerry:  That was completely our choice. They wanted to shoot it in L.A., but we wanted to have our fans in it, and we couldn’t do that in L.A., so we did it in Sacramento

jAy: Cool…The fans are thankful for that, as you saw that day.  How has the experience been, playing in towns where you have never played before? What are the feelings you get seconds before the first note on those nights?

Jerry:  Well, some of the shows are literally in front of 10 people, but we always rock our hardest, because we know that those 10 people will tell all of their friends about a kick-ass band they saw. Sometimes we wince at the sight of 10 or 20 people, but we adjust mentally, and rock out anyway.

jAy:  Making the “Last Resort” video, how was that experience for you, and how did the idea for the video come about?

Jerry:  Well, let me just say that previous to the shoot, I had heard people in bands say that they hate doing videos, and how horrible they were. To the contrary, I had a really good experience. I think having our fans in the video brings a realness to it that is really intangible. The idea for the video actually came from Marcos. He had lost a friend to suicide, so he had some idea of how to convey the message of the song without being really blatant.

jAy: If you know, when might the video be released?

Jerry:  Actually, I don’t think there is a scheduled date yet.   Probably sometime within the next 3 weeks.

jAy: When on the road, in the van, what are some of the things you guys are doing to pass the time?

Jerry: We sleep, or listen to music, or sleep.

jAy:  Haha……yeah.  OK, Jerry, as consistant as you all play, and in most cases, errorless, when was the last time you can remember while performing, your equipment, the vibe, the rest of the band, and everything else was on point, and going good, but you fucked up?

Jerry:  Me personally?

jAy:  Yeah, can’t have you talk about the others.

Jerry: That would be last night, at the Bottom of the Hill.

jAy:  Was that you, when it happens, are you always aware, or do you sometimes not even know?

Jerry:  I can usually hear myself well enough to know when i mess up.

jAy:  What have you been listening to lately?

Jerry:  I’ve been listening to the new Snapcase record, Refused, Jimmy Eat World, Mock Orange, Fear Factory, Tori Amos, Helmet, Smashing Pumpkins, RHCP

jAy:  What does Mock Orange sound like?

Jerry:  Well, if you know what Refused sounds like, they sound like them, but a little more emo….really tight stuff.

jAy:  I shall check them out.   Why isn’t “Blood Brothers”, and “Legacy” both on the album, why one song for the clean version, and one for the unclean version?

Jerry:  Well, “Legacy” wasn’t going to make the record at all, but “Blood Brothers” wouldn’t have been able to be edited, and still mean the same thing, so to fill that spot on the clean record, we chose “Legacy.”

jAy:  Whoa……Yeah, I can see that.  By the way, You know I haven’t said it to you guys too many times, but the album is definately bangin’.

Jerry:  Hehe….thanx

jAy:  What is something that you have always been doing, that you cannot do now, or as much since signing with Dreamworks?

Jerry:  Well, pretty much the only thing we can’t do, is release our older stuff on our own.  I know a lot of people want to get 5 Tracks Deep, and Let ‘Em Know, but some of those songs are on our new record, so we can’t release them.

jAy:  Out of all of the songs that you have written, which is your favorite? One song, out of ALL songs you guys have?

Jerry:  You HAD to ask that question, didn’t you?

jAy:  I’m sorry, but there’s gotta be at least one.

Jerry:  Right now, I think it’s “Blood Brothers.”

jAy:  Alright, last question.   What was the last show you went to where you were not performing, who and where?

Jerry: The Last show I went to see was Sno Core in Sacramento, CA

jAy:  So, do you have any last words?

Jerry:  Thank you, and thanx to all the fans for all of their support.

jAy:  Dope, thanks a lot for your time….Later Jerry.

Jerry:  Later Jay