Ascensive started out as Ascensive Marketing Promotions November 24th, 1997 in Sacramento, CA. It was a fanpage/website for a assorted artists. A newsletter which contained tour dates, release dates, album reviews, artist interviews, shows reviews, and other useful tidbits became a way to let people know about the site.  These newsletters were sent out through e-mail, printed out at times and distributed at local shows. Of the three newsletters that WERE released, two of them were so long, when sent through email, it had to be sent in two parts. When the newsletters when printed out, they ranged from 20-35 pages.

The website took a positive turn quickly and began to highlight the artists that were being promoted through street teams. At this time, bands like Korn, Incubus, Far, System of a Down, Funkdoobiest, (Hed) Planet Earth, Human Waste Project, Atari Teenage Riot, Slayer, Dredg, Snot, and others were constantly being promoted at local shows, and lifestyle stores in the Sacramento and surrounding areas with flats, posters, CD/Tape samplers, postcards, stickers, as well as the fliers that were made to get the word out with one tool.

Around this same time, then unsigned Vacaville, CA band known to millions now as Papa Roach, requested the assistance of Ascensive to promote and help the band gain exposure in certain areas where they were not at the time constantly being included such as e-zines, underground zines, magazines, and the pure “word of mouth” on the streets. Ascensive.net has also been involved with the exposure and promotion of many other artists by the internet or by the creation of Exposure Groups/Street Teams which Ascensive operated when artists were being promoted.

The goal of Ascensive was to expose the people of Sacramento, CA, Northern California, The United States, and the world to artists by way of the artists fans. Ascensive.net was successful in exposing new artists by getting the promotional materials into the hands of the music lovers who are most likely going to enjoy the music they receive. The website contained CD Reviews, Interviews, and Concert Photography from shows Ascensive constantly attended. Here is a list of bands and artists that have been promoted by Ascensive through the years.

Alien Ant Farm, Atari Teenage Riot, Bobby Bare Jr., Bolt Upright, Cold, Dial-7, Die Trying, Dredg, Everlast, Far, Funkdoobiest, (Hed) Planet Earth, Honky Toast, Human Waste Project, Ignition Records, Immortal Records, Incubus, Inspekda Deck, Jamiroquai, Joydrop, Juliana Theory, Kilgore, Korn, Loud Rocks Compilation, Nothingface, Not Waving But Drowning, One Minute Silence, Papa Roach (Managed Official Street Team (98-02), Professional Murder Music, Rob Zombie, Sevendust, Shootyz Groove, Simon Says, Slipknot, Snot, Speak No Evil, Staind, Static-X, Stuck Mojo, System of a Down, Tommy Boy Records, 2 Skinny J’s, The Urge, Victory Records, Zebrahead.

Alien Ant Farm, Papa Roach, Juliana Theory, Simon Says, and Dredg had Street Teams, or Exposure Groups managed by Ascensive.net.

Now, Ascensive.net isnt promoting bands anymore. Its more of a blog, with some random photos of bands, band interviews, some Ascensive shirts and hoodies, you can buy, if you like, and pictures of aquariums. Sorry!

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