11517- High on Fire at Goldfields in Sacramento, CA

High on Fire came through Sacramento, CA and we all met our doom. I had never heard the band until tonight.  Its obvious everyone else knew of the band because Goldfields was packed early this evening.  Horseneck started the show off.  I have been watching the folk in this band perform for years in the Sac area in different groups.  Its awesome to see the musician itch still going strong in people!

Tonight I rented a Nikon d610 after the d750 was already rented out. I figured I should see what the newer body can do if I may buy one. I will speak on this later.

Pag of Horseneck 11517


Jess Gowrie of Horseneck

Up next was another band, and I do not remember who it was. Oh Archon! I really can’t give you a thought on them because this venue seems to have the sound behind you if you are standing at the stage. I really could not hear anything. With earplugs in and the speakers behind you, the sound is almost non existent because the bands monitors are pointed towards them. Anyways, here is a shot of Archon. It looked like they were killing it at least!

The crowd got a bit tighter in the front before High on Fire went on.  I havent been to a show where I really dont know what I am about to hear beforehand.

One of the last times this happend was at Club Extreme in Pollock Pines?  Mr Bungle and The Dillinger Escape Plan.  A friend of mine were talking to them before the show and we asked what they sounded like.  Ben said “Dont worry, we arent death metal or anything.”  I really didnt care too much what they sounded like but I certainly was not ready for the bassist to jump from the stage during their first song and swing shit around.

Back to Oaklands own High on Fire.  Sludge, bong metal, doom metal, just slow hot bacon grease flowing downhill almost ready to solidify is what I would say they sound like, but speed it up, or well, slow it down.  Now that I am thinking of it, Id say a bit Black Sabbath and old Slayer.  Everyone was all about Matt Pike though and the dude slays on guitar.  I couldnt stay in the front any longer because folks were just coming up wiggling their hands in the air as Matt noodled on the fret board.


Des Kenseis’ drum set


Jeff Matz of High on Fire


Matt Pike of High on Fire

3716 Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Cryptopsy and Absymal Dawn at the Fillmore in San Francisco, CA

This is a first in over a year for show reviews.  It is pretty difficult to get a photo pass now so I gotta keep this page legit in order to have a chance to shoot any shows, when I am able to get to one.

Tonight was my first time shooting at the Fillmore in San Francisco, CA.  I think this show was sold out or was certainly real close, it was hard to get anywhere in there.

Absymal Dawn from Los Angeles, CA started the night off and they were fantastic.  They were the only band I was able to get the set list from.  The audience was very into them and got a great response throughout their set.

Programmed to Consume


Perfecting Slavery

Human Obsolescence

In Service of Time

The Inevitable Return to Darkness


Andy Nelson of Absymal Dawn

Cryptopsy, one of my favorite bands was up next.  I first heard them when …And Then You’ll Beg came out in 2000.  I went back a bit into their back catalog but it didn’t do as much for me as ATYB did.  I could listen to that album all the way through.  I havent seen them since I think 05 at the Boardwalk in Orangevale, CA with Lord Worm on vocals, and the first time was Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, CA with Dimmu Borgir and Krisiun 31302 with Martin on vocals.  Tonight they came out swinging.  I do miss the extra mayhem of two guitars but Christian Donaldson and Oliver Pinard hold up the past songs quite well and the new EP The Book of Suffering is like a return in a way to ATYB and some hints of None So Vile at times.  I need to check out their self titled album because a bit of the focus on the EP has to have already been coming around within that album.  I rarely ever know song titles so just know they played nothing but hot tracks.


Cryptopsy 3716 at the Fillmore in San Francisco, CA

Obituary had San Francisco, CA in the palm of their hands their whole set.  I saw a lot of old metal heads singing and just smiling a lot.  The band sounded good and the people were receptive.


Trevor Peres of Obituary in San Francisco, CA at the Fillmore 3716

When you talk death metal, Cannibal Corpse and Obituary are certainly at the top, especially when you have been around since the late 80’s and are still performing.  Cannibal Corpse turned the stage dark and red for at least the first few songs.  I then left.  I did not hear anything that grabbed my attention.  This is not to say they were not good, they are legends and have influenced many bands I listen to I am sure, I just could not get into it.  Maybe I am too old?  One thing I know is I need a new wide-angle lens.  Using my crappy 28mm 2.8 lens was frustrating, and the shots I saw from the other photographers that night were helping with my decision.

ZZ Ward at The Assembly in Sacramento, CA 4814

ZZ Ward

What a turn out for ZZ Ward in Sacramento!  The Assembly was pretty packed tonight.  I had never heard of her.  I heard a song a month ago, that had a blues-rock feel to it, then it had a little hip-hop to it as well.  I figured I would go to the show try to get some photos but realized I had something going on that same night.  As the day came closer, the evening was open, and I found myself at the show.

She was surprised with the turn out, she said from stage.  I was surprised to see so many kids.  Also surprising was a lot of couples dancing in the back.  It was a party all over the place.  She had never played and has never been to Sacramento.  Her San Francisco date was sold out.

She is a good singer, and awesome lyricist.  I dont listen to lyrics a whole lot, but when its some bluesy music being played, the lyrics usually have a story to tell, so I was listening to her, and watching her guitarist kill it.  The crowd were completely receptive to her, especially when she broke out the harmonica.

When she comes back, her show just might sell out.


Tel Cairo, DLRN @ Witch Room, Sacramento, CA 32814

The Witch Room is a nice new venue in Sacramento. Tonight was their second show. They have glasses next to a big metal container of water, so you can get it yourself. I like that. It sounded pretty good in there also. Thats about all you need to know. Who you see will sound great and you will stay hydrated.



Stevie Nader

Mic Jordan

Tel Cairo and Mic Jordan

Karega Bailey, Marknoxx, Lake Stovall, and Ayanna Charlene @ The Assembly in Sacramento, CA. 1414

I walked into Pizza Rock to order, a pizza.  Seems like I can’t get a full day without hearing that Drake song.  Either switching stations, from someones car at the light, or you cant stop humming it, it gets you.  Well I am walking into Pizza Rock, and a man is playing his acoustic version of it inside.  Ive seen quite a few people perform at brunch there, but never him.  I gave the cashier my dough, and they gave me some dough, and I left.

This night I missed the first two artists.  Its the first R&B show, let alone local R&B show I’ve been to in a couple years.  Marknoxx comes on.  His voice, to me, is a bit John Legend, and D’ Angelo.  He has a soundcloud page with a 3 song sampler.  He performed well.  It can only get better.  His band was good, and the backup singers were on with the harmony.  His third song in the set, stuck out in the beginning.  It had a sound that none of the songs in his set had.  I would like to hear more audio and see more shows from him.

This is my first post in a long time.  Nothing really detailed, just thoughts about the show, and some stills.  It may likely be just be a few stills from now on.

The sound at the Assembly is fantastic.  It is in a great location, the inside has a lot of floor space, and the upper level is great, for venue shots.

Karega Bailey.  I saw him do some spoken word at an INDIVIZBLE function a few months ago, and was blown away.  His spoken word is like a hammer.  It maybe felt like that since I was in the front row, he was five feet from me, and he was throwing that voice to the upper level seats of the Guild Theater, without a mic.  Its heavy, solid with life experiences, and it can penetrate and pull emotion from you.   I immediately sent an artist by the name of Rasar, or you may know him by Random Abililadeze, a message speaking on what I just saw.  These two together on the same bill, or just in the same room, would be something.

His performance was awesome.  His show got turned up a notch when he brought out Lake Stovall, the dude singing Drake at Pizza Rock earlier that day.  The crowd seemed into Karega as well, although only about 7 or so people stood up to the blockade of the stage to watch him.  There is some video of his performance I am sure, so it should only be a while before some of that is posted.

Karega Bailey at the Assembly in Sacramento, CA

Karega Bailey at the Assembly in Sacramento, CA

Lake Stovall performing with Karega Bailey at the Assembly 1414

Lake Stovall performing with Karega Bailey at the Assembly 1414

Karega Bailey at the Assembly in Sacramento, CA, 1414

Karega Bailey at the Assembly in Sacramento, CA, 1414

Marknoxx, The Assembly, Sacramento, CA, 1414

Marknoxx at the Assembly in Sacramento, CA, 1414