Davis, CA – Beach Hut Deli – Hip Hop and a Sandwich

A lot of folk were at the Deli tonight.  Saw a few folk I have not seen in a while.  I saw this one dude who once I saw him, it took me back 12 years, but didnt remember why, and I did not take the time to see why.  Now I remember.  Crypt Orchid, from Stockton, CA.  Their guitarist, not sure if you are still the band, but hi!  Random again gave a great performance. Ruby Ibarra, Butterscotch, and LeeJay assisted Randon with some live beat box and guitar for some tracks as well.


Doey Rock. Club Avalon Sacramento, CA 3.14.10

Sunday night at the Avalon in Sacramento, CA there was some live hip hop. I planned on going to this show about a month ago. One, its live hip hop, not “heres my cd,” or “nah bruh, skip that track.” There will be bands. Two, Doey Rock is performing, and is nice on the mic, and the beats he’s on have variety. If he feels the beat, he kills it. Three, I can take some photos. So anyways fast forward to Sunday night, I’m about to fall asleep, and just happen to go to some website that had a flier for the show. So back out of bed to the show. I’ve never been here. I did read a review though about the ladies room being right along the wall of the dance floor, so you can basically look inside the restroom each time the door is open. So I get there and Feva in the Funkhouse is playing. They were just finishing their last song. Wasnt a lot of folk there on a Sunday night, but if this is something they plan on doing again during the Summer, it will be twice as full. Sacramento needs it. The sound was good too during their set. Doey Rock came on next. Rocked it. I do not know any of his songs, I was just happy to hear some live hip hop.